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Bridal Makeup & Hair Rates

Bridal Makeup

 Bride: $150 
*Includes complimentary lashes and a beauty bag with lipstick/gloss and hairspray for touch-ups

 Bridal Party: $110
*Includes complimentary lashes 

 Mothers/Grandmothers: $110
*Includes complimentary lashes 

 Guests: $110
*Includes complimentary lashes 

 Jr. Bridesmaids: $75   (ages 8-14)

Flower Girl: $40  (ages 3-7)


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Bridal Hair

*Your choice of any hair style you desire!

Bride: $150
*Includes beauty bag with hairspray, bobby pins for touch-ups 

Bridal Party: $110 

Mothers/Grandmothers: $110 

Guests: $110 

Jr. Bridesmaid: $75 ( ages 8-14) 

Flower girl: $40 ( ages 3-7)


* Luxury Bridal Package *

Brides Makeup & Hair : $280 ( $20 Discount!)
Bridal Party Makeup & Hair: $210 ( $10 Discount!)
Mothers/Grandmothers Makeup & Hair: $210 ( $10 Discount




Hair Extension Installments: $15/ 15 min installation

Blow Outs: $45 

Men's Hair Cuts/Styling: $45+

Men's Makeup/Cover-up/Powder: $45+

Tattoo Cover-ups: $45+

False Lashes: Individual/Trio-$15  Strips: $12 

On Location Touch-ups: $100 per hour (Minimum 2 hours)


*Holiday Fee- $100 for weddings on major holidays and holiday weekends

Additional Stylist/MUA Fee: $85 each for bridal parties larger than 7

 *There is a minimum of 4 people, per service(s) at all times when booking *Flower girls not included in the minimum amount

** A deposit of $150 is required when booking your wedding date, along with a SIGNED contract-NON REFUNDABLE. This amount will be subtracted from the brides final price ONLY on her wedding day. 

*Parties larger than 7 or parties needing to be finished early will be required to have additional stylists/artists to join on the wedding to ensure timing runs smooth and efficiently. 

* Travel fee is included in price when location is 1hr or less round trip ( 30 mins each way) from your stylists/artist location. Additional Travel Fee will be $1/min AFTER the 1hr mark. 

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